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Welcome to the Revolution!

Biochar, Agriculture and the Environment

Thank you for visiting The Biochar Revolution website. Given you are here, we assume you are either coming to realise, or have already realised how instrumental biochar can be in improving soil health and repairing the environmental degradation we face today. And in improving the health of our soil and our environment, how influential biochar can be in improving the quality of your food and ultimately your own health and wealth.

What an exciting product biochar is. A product that can both improve your health and help the environment. A product that can be made and applied at a backyard, local, national and global level. This is why we are so passionate about this industry and this is why we are proud to bring you this website, The Biochar Revolution.

The goal of our website is to be the global online hub for the Biochar Industry. We want to ensure the highest standards in the production of biochar are developed and become global industry norms. We want to promote the industry globally and the products coming from its innovators. We want to educate the world about the importance of biochar and the massive impact it can have on health, environment and economies. We want to help supply the industry’s customers with its leading products. And we want to continue to push scientific research and development within the industry, ensuring everything we do is supported with research and standards are driven by this research.

So thankyou for visiting – you have come to the right place. Have a look around our website and get in touch. Let us know if you found what you were looking for and your thoughts on all things BIOCHAR.

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The book The Biochar Revolution, authored by Paul Taylor PhD has become known in the industry as the bible of Biochar.

There is no more comprehensive reference guide today on the topic of Biochar than The Biochar Revolution. Today we are happy to offer you the first chapter of this incredible resource, FREE. The chapter Biochar – Ancient Origins, Modern Solution is available to you with instant access now. Click through and download your copy today