06. What Is Biochar?



The e-Book What is Biochar starts part 2 of The Biochar Revolution, Understanding Biochar. This e-book seeks to explain a number of key points about what exactly Biochar is and what Biochar is not. It has some scientific information but also great non-scientific information that helps everyone understand biochar better.

It focuses somewhat on defining biochar based on the way it behaves, in our soil over time, which is a great perspective as these definitions are what we look for when applying biochar as a strategy for dealing with the current ecological challenges we face.

The e-Book also looks at how biochar is produced through the processes of carbonization and pyrolysis, concepts that are essential to everyone who is interested in this topic. The information within this e-Book gives us insight into the quality aspects of creating biochar too, in that care and control is required to create beneficial biochar. Not all char is beneficial for our soil, so this study aids our understanding of the control aspects of creating this product.

Additional information we have included within this e-book include:

  • A Biochar Timeline
  • A full glossary of Biochar related terms
  • Direction to resources and organisations to assist you find what you are looking for, in the biochar community