08. Characterizing Biochars: Attributes, Indicators & At-Home Tests



Are you interested in the benefits that adding Biochar to your soil can have on your land, or on the produce output of your farm or garden? If so this e-Book is a must read for you. The book starts by discussing the quality indicators and attributes of biochar and why it is important to understand these attributes prior to application to your land.

“each biochar can and should be tested prior to addition to the soil.”

There are four constituents to biochar and each is important in their own right. The book discusses each of these constituents and why they are important to understand. From this point, you will be taken through simple to run tests that you can perform, to ensure the biochar you have is appropriate for your soil and will give you the soil health improvement you are looking for.

So this e-Book is a great resource if you are ready to apply biochar to your garden, your farm or other plot of land. If you are ready to purchase biochar, or already have and are ready to apply it to your soil, you should buy this e-Book today. You can purchase through the shopping cart and get instant access via electronic download. You will be able then to understand and test your biochar, ensuring quality and applicability for your soil.

Additional information we have included within this e-book include:

  • A Biochar Timeline
  • A full glossary of Biochar related terms
  • Direction to resources and organisations to assist you find what you are looking for, in the biochar community