11. Making Biochar in Small Gasifier Cookstoves and Heaters



“TLUD pyrolytic gasifiers are convenient sources of biochar, and can be easily constructed and operated for small-scale production. The basic TLUD technology is ‘open source’. Everyone has the opportunity (and is encouraged) to advance the designs.”

This e-Book, which forms chapter 11 of The Biochar Revolution looks into Top-Lift Updraft technology in the production of Biochar. TLUD technology is great for biochar production as it is open source so readily available, it is easy to create an appropriate stove for biochar production from scrap cans readily available, which means biochar production equipment is inexpensively available to everyone.

This e-Book takes you through the TLUD technology, how to make your own TLUD stove and how to use it and also gives you the opportunity of participating in a worldwide initiative. It alos has a great picture gallery of these types of stoves.

Additional information we have included within this e-book include:

A Biochar Timeline
A full glossary of Biochar related terms
Direction to resources and organisations to assist you find what you are looking for, in the biochar community