12. Automated Biochar Production



This e-Book looks at the larger biochar picture and some things that need to occur in the industry if biochar is going to become a real part of the global ecological restoration answer. It is also a crucial book for you to read if you are interested in biochar as a business with a long term, scalable model.

The e-book, which forms chapter 12 of The Biochar Revolution, looks at the entire process of biochar production, both upstream and downstream. Many of the technologies available today are very labour intensive, and labour in the first world is very expensive. So this e-Book looks at the design of current technologies and considers the innovations required to automate large scale production, optimizing the process.

A realistic look at the large scale commercialisation of biochar does fit and is important in the theme of a broader, sustainable ecosystem. This issue is looked at too. So it is a great read for you if you are interested in the global ecological side of things and some practical considerations of biochar, with that wider, global view.

Additional information we have included within this e-book include:

  • A Biochar Timeline
  • A full glossary of Biochar related terms
  • Direction to resources and organisations to assist you find what you are looking for, in the biochar community