Charcoal and biochar have many uses other than for fuel and soil amendment. Activated Charcoal has real advantages for our health and has been used in the medical treatment of both humans and animals. This book describes how and when you can use activated charcoal both internally and externally, and the medical conditions it may help.

The 304 page book takes us through the history of using charcoal for health, the science of charcoal as a remedy and practical uses of charcoal as a home remedy. It is not a boring medical text though, it is also an engaging read as John Dinsley combines his story-telling with the useful information brilliantly.

It is a must read for all people who are health conscious and a just plain tired of the high chemical, “anti-biotic” approach to health these days. If you are progressing through a healthier way of living, you will love this resource as a reference guide as well as reading the stories of 150 or so real people who have used charcoal to treat their medical conditions, and the way charcoal was used to successfully treat their conditions.