The Biochar Revolution



Transforming Agriculture & Environment

If you are interested in biochar at any level, or in environmental issues, The Biochar Revolution is a must read for you. It is the industry’s first break-through reference guide covering all the key concepts of the industry. With contributions from 18 biochar experts and authors, in reading The Biochar Revolution you will learn

  • Ancient Solutions to Modern Problems – the ancient origins of this new technology
  • How you can produce Biochar yourself
  • How you can test the quality of Biochar
  • Practical applications of Biochar, how you can use it from a small (garden) scale to a large (farm) scale
  • The global implications of widespread adaptation of Biochar
  • The potential economic benefits of Biochar
Everybody should read this book. Globally we are facing unprecedented ecological and environmental challenges and this book offers potential solutions to many of these challenges, simple solutions every one of us can implement. It will have particular interest also to
  • Environmentalists
  • biochar enthusiasts
  • small property owners
  • gardeners
  • small and large farmers
  • people looking for an environmentally friendly and economical solution to organic waste.
This book offers absolute value to people who want to and/or can do something about climate change. It is an invaluable resource therefore for:
  • Waste management districts
  • Foresters
  • Councils
  • government agencies
  • Government policy makers
  • Government officials in developing countries
Tim Flannery, the 2007 Australian of the Year has remarked that “Biochar my represent the single most important initiative for humanity’s environmental future”. This book is the premier reference guide globally for this industry. Get your copy of The Biochar Revolution today