Making Biochar in an Open Deep Cone Kiln

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In this post, we feature an Open Deep Cone Kiln used in a Youtube video produced by the Ithaka Institute. We encourage you to watch the full video embedded below for the full impact of making biochar with this kiln. It’s something to behold.

One of the unique features of this type of Biochar method, it that you actually get to see the fire. This is pretty special as we all know the enchantment of fire. There are few things more enjoyable than relaxing around a fire, be it a camp fire or open fire in our homes. It’s a simple and universally enjoyable pleasure.

We also know that biochar is an ancient soil treatment technology. As you can read in the book The Biochar Revolution, we know much about of the benefits of biochar today from observing the results of “Biochar areas” thousands of years after treatment in the Amazon. An interesting point with these open kilns is they, in contrast to the newer stoves on the market today, are much more closely aligned to the ancient methods of production. So it’s a great method of biochar production for the more traditional minded of us.

In the video, you will be taken through the precise construction of this particular kiln and see how the elements of the kiln work together to produce char and also keep it separate from the other elements coming from the production process. From there we show you how to arrange the fuel bed, light the fire (which Paul seems to really enjoy) and then how to manage the fire throughout the biochar production process.

Following on from seeing the kiln in action, we get to hear a more in depth account of how this biochar method works. It’s a great video to expand your awareness of the Biochar process, here is the video, I hope you enjoy it.

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